Tips to Keep Your Family Safe At Home This Summer

6 June, 2019 | Charlie Moore-Pabst | Posted in Articles

With school out for many New Mexico children, parents are often left with questions on whether it’s appropriate to leave children at home during the summer months while they are at work. Take a listen to the KCHS radio interview with CYFD's Schalicia Degase and T or C's Police Chief Randall Aragon.

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Abused Kids Text Crisis Hotlines to Find Help

27 March, 2019 | Futurity | Posted in Articles

Children who need a discreet way to report abuse are turning to text-based crisis communication services, report researchers. “She says she will burn the house down with me in it.” “He threatened to pull a gun on me.” “He told me he could kill me in an instant if he wanted to.” These are just a few of the texts children have sent to crisis hotlines in the last several years, researchers say.

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