Adopt a Child

How can I learn more about adoption in New Mexico?

Complete this form to request more information or call the foster/adoptive hotline at 1-800-432-2075. 

You can also visit the Heart Gallery website to read more about next steps, or keep reading for answers to common questions.

How are children matched with families?

You can choose the age, gender, and needs level of the child or children you would like to adopt. When a child has been identified, the social worker will tell you about him or her in detail before you are introduced. You will be given available medical, social, educational, and developmental information, and you can ask any questions you may have. Arrangements can then be made for you to meet and spend time with the child. There may be several visits, including some overnights and weekends, before your child comes to live with you permanently. Each child's situation is different. Your experiences with visits and placement will vary depending on the child's needs.

Final placement decisions are always made by the child's social worker. Sometimes many families may be considered for the same child. In these cases, the social worker will try to provide the best fit between the child and prospective family by evaluating how the child's needs can best be met.

How much does adopting a child cost?

There is no fee for adoption through the Children, Youth and Families Department. In fact, you can receive financial assistance for some of the other standard costs of finalizing your adoption. The following expenses may be reimbursed in part, or completely:

  • Attorney's fees
  • Court costs
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals during visits with your potential adoptive child
  • CYFD-required physical and/or psychiatric exams not covered by your health insurance

Who qualifies for financial assistance?

Financial assistance is available for parents who adopt a child who is both certified as special needs and qualified for adoption assistance. Some of the characteristics of a child qualifying for assistance include a child who is:

  • Over the age of five years
  • From a minority ethnic background
  • Part of a sibling group of three or more brothers and sisters
  • Diagnosed with moderate to severe developmental, psychological, or physical disabilities

Adoption assistance may be used to pay for medical and/or psychological care for preexisting conditions not covered by the adoptive parents' insurance. Amounts may not exceed payments received in foster care. Medicaid may be available for psychological and medical care depending on the child's preexisting condition.